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            Mathais Luminaires et Décoration In touch with decoration trends, technological evolutions and consumer needs, MATHIAS develops collections of
               original and innovative products


            Mathais Luminaires et Décoration MATHIAS developed its creativity in all families of ornamental lighting and suggests ranges of chandeliers, suspensions,                desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, wall lamps, ...

            Mathais Luminaires et Décoration MATHIAS translates lighting and decoration in the whole universe of interior design, contemporary, young, classical,                charming, authentic, and children’s.

            Mathais Luminaires et Décoration MATHIAS proposes turnkey basis concepts to market a range of product lines, by family or by universe. These                merchandising solutions allow for presentation, emphasis, and sale of  products adapted to any type of store. MATHIAS                stays tuned in to its clients to develop custom-made solutions

            Mathais Luminaires et Décoration MATHIAS has a network of 9 sale representatives, who provide suggestions and advice to our clients, in France and                abroad.

            Mathais Luminaires et Décoration MATHIAS has a competitive logistical structure.
               From its logistical platform of 9 000 m ² situated in Villefranche-sur-Saône, MATHIAS provides  storage,  preparation of                orders and delivers its customers rapidly in France and abroad, on warehouse or directly in stores