Mathias Luminaires

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       Mathias Luminaires et Décoration ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
          As major player in the universe of the lighting, MATHIAS takes very seriously its role in the environmental impact           reduction effort.
          Products made of recycled materials : iron, textile,  wood,  cardboard, take an ever growing part in our collections.
          Safety is the permanent concern for people and products. We act to protect the environment.

       Mathias Luminaires et Décoration INNOVATION
          Our place in the lighting market, requires us to challenge our teams constantly.
          All our departments : Marketing, Purchases, Commercial, strive to develop innovative products in terms of design           as well as technology.
          Democratization and accessibility for all of our products is our major role.

       Mathias Luminaires et Décoration HONESTY
          In our business connections, we are looking for mutual interests and Win Win relations with our clients.

       Mathias Luminaires et Décoration ADAPTABILITY
          Mathias’ human-size allows our staff to develop a strong capacity to listen and adapt to the evolution of its market :           innovation products, design, technology, merchandising solutions.

       Mathias Luminaires et Décoration PRAGMATISM
          MATHIAS prefers pragmatism to theory, simplicity to formalism.
          We remain close and in tune with our clients and consumers, in order to offer them solutions adapted to their           needs, it’s our goal.